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Insurance Policyholder Representation

Cimo Mazer Mark PLLC is dedicated to representing  policyholders in connection with their insurance claims.   The professionals of our firm have successfully recovered damages in connection  with commercial property, business interruption, and high-value homeowner insurance claims, including associated claims for bad faith and unfair insurer claim handling.   If you need help in the handling of your Hurricane claim, please do not hesitate to contact our office by phone at (305) 374-6484 or by email

For more than 20 years, Jason S. Mazer has helped corporate and individual policyholders resolve disputes with insurance companies. His thorough understanding of the insurance industry and unique brand of persuasion often yields prompt settlement. Where insurance carriers do not live up to their obligations, however, Jason and his team are ready to go to court. We encourage you to contact CMM if your insurance carrier has denied, delayed, or underpaid your valid claim.

Please read more about our insurance law practice below, and contact us to discuss your matter with a premier insurance coverage lawyer.

Business Interruption Coverage

We will help your business get back up and running.

Natural disasters and other calamities often cause an interruption in operations that may result in a serious loss of revenue for your business. When an unexpected event causes physical damage to your business, you may be forced to shut down or relocate your operations. Business interruption insurance is designed to replace your lost revenues and cover extra expenses associated with temporarily relocating your business during repairs.

What if a major supplier suffers an unforeseen catastrophe and cannot timely deliver goods to meet your company’s needs? Your lost income may be insured under a contingent business interruption coverage. Let our team walk you through your policy.

The quantification of a business interruption loss requires a forensic analysis of business and financial records. We have developed a keen understanding of how insurance companies investigate and adjust these complex claims, and we work closely with financial professionals to maximize recovery of business interruption losses.

Commercial General Liability

When you need the legal defense or settlement dollars the insurance company promised you.

All businesses, large and small, are susceptible to accidents that may expose the company to serious financial liability. Commercial general liability (CGL) insurance policies are designed to protect businesses against lawsuits brought by third parties. These policies provide a legal defense against, and pay financial losses associated with, bodily injury or property damage claims.

The CMM legal team has successfully helped our domestic and international clients secure maximum coverage in commercial general liability insurance matters. CMM’s attorneys understand the insurance industry and are prepared to ensure that insurance companies fulfill their contractual obligations to protect their policyholders. We efficiently prepare to effectively deliver results both in the boardroom and the courtroom.

Corporate Director’s and Officer’s Liability

We help sophisticated clients unlock insurance coverage for allegations of management liability, breaches of fiduciary duty, regulatory investigations, and securities claims.

Director’s and officer’s liability insurance, often called D&O insurance, is designed to protect the personal assets of company management. D&O insurance policies typically provide for the cost of a legal defense and financial protection to corporate officers and directors in the event they are personally sued for actions taken on behalf of the company. These policies also frequently grant coverage directly to the company for securities claims and corporate indemnification.

We have deep experience counseling and representing institutional investors, hedge funds, and court-appointed fiduciaries in order to maximize recovery from D&O insurance policies. We are also well-equipped to represent both publicly traded and privately held companies and their individual officers and directors in coverage disputes with D&O insurers. CMM’s attorneys are recognized nationally as industry leaders with respect to negotiating, mediating, and litigating cases involving disputes over an insurance company’s failure to resolve claims against executives arising out of their corporate responsibilities.

Fidelity Bonds and Crime Insurance

CMM is here to ease the pain from employee theft.

Fidelity bonds are designed to indemnify the company for acts of employee theft or other dishonest conduct. Do not let your business fall victim to fraud or other commercial crimes. CMM’s Jason S. Mazer has decades of experience working with businesses to secure full coverage for acts of embezzlement, forgery, counterfeiting, and all manner of wire and computer fraud. The CMM legal team will efficiently analyze your insurance policy and the circumstances surrounding your loss. We routinely negotiate amicable resolutions but, if a causation or valuation dispute persists, CMM knows how to litigate these cases to seek maximum recovery.

Health Care Provider Reimbursement

CMM is here when commercial payors turn off the reimbursement tap.

The CMM legal team provides counsel and litigation services in connection with reimbursement issues arising under private payor, managed care, network, and fiscal intermediary health programs. With decades of experience serving healthcare clients, our team offers broad-based, in-depth expertise to maximize reimbursement in a complex and ever-changing payor environment. Our practice includes the routine representation of medical systems, hospitals, behavioral health providers, physician organizations, health care professionals, and practice groups on insurance-related matters.

Our attorneys offer innovative strategies and insight for the successful resolution of claims and have extensive experience in a wide array of reimbursement matters including:

Life Insurance Claims

Allow CMM to ensure prompt payment during your time of grief.

There is, perhaps, nothing more frustrating than fighting with an insurance company over a death benefit upon the passing of a loved one. CMM’s Jason S. Mazer has decades of experience ensuring that valid claims are paid promptly. When they are not, our team knows how to seek appropriate extra-contractual damages to deter callous claim denials made in bad faith. CMM’s attorneys are also here to assist when a life insurance carrier unreasonably delays payment, makes allegations of fraud, improperly attempts to rescind (void) the policy or claims that coverage lapsed for failure to timely pay premiums.

Wrongful denial of a life insurance claim is not only financially devastating for the beneficiary, but also disrespectful to the deceased. CMM will work passionately, efficiently, and respectfully to achieve the optimal result for our clients during their most trying times.

Product Liability

Insurance can be your shield against claims associated with allegedly defective products.

Product liability lawsuits, whether brought individually or via a class action, have the potential to devastate manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, retailers, and others involved in the sale of products to consumers. These cases often seek significant damages and may involve multiple defendants.

CMM has the experience necessary to evaluate coverage for the claims and recommend cost-effective ways to either defend against and/or settle them. CMM will work diligently to ensure that your business gets the full amount of benefits purchased to mitigate the enormous costs of defending or settling product liability cases.

Commercial and Residential Property

CMM knows how to effectively assist individual and commercial property owners.

CMM frequently assists commercial and individual policyholders in property insurance claim disputes. We are not only knowledgeable about insurance policy language and applicable state laws and regulations, but also have deep experience working with architects, contractors, and construction experts to efficiently achieve successful resolutions through negotiation, mediation, and litigation.

CMM’s Jason S. Mazer is well-known throughout Florida and across the United States for his demonstrated ability to litigate complex residential and commercial property insurance cases to policyholder verdicts. We have experience handling all manner of high value property losses, including those due to windstorm, water damage, construction defect, vandalism, sink holes, and fire, to name a few.

When your insurance carrier denies, undervalues, or unreasonably delays payment of your property insurance or business interruption claim, CMM’s attorneys are ready to help you receive the insurance benefits to which you are entitled.

Construction Defect Claims

When the building crews are gone, insurance remains to protect against losses arising from negligent construction.

CMM’s Jason S. Mazer has spent more than twenty years helping property owners, developers, general contractors, sub-contractors, condominium associations, building professionals, and individual homeowners maximize available insurance coverage for losses arising out of construction defects. These claims often involve numerous parties and complex issues of insurance law concerning the number of occurrences, the insurer’s duty to defend, application of “other insurance” clauses, additional insured endorsements, owner-controlled insurance programs (OCIP Policy) and contractor-controlled insurance programs (CCIP Policy). We work closely with our clients to formulate a strategy to achieve prompt and efficient resolution at the negotiating table or in the courtroom.

Cyber Liability

Technology is changing our world. CMM is at the forefront of this emerging insurance practice area.

Instances of data breaches, cyber-attacks, and phishing scams have, unfortunately, become commonplace with the proliferation of technology. We assist corporate clients to recover under first-party coverages insuring against cyber theft, fraud, data corruption, and promising to reimburse the costs of forensic investigations, customer notification and public relations experts, as well as third-party liability for alleged breaches of privacy, data security and investigations by regulators.

New cyber insurance products continue to be deployed, and CMM’s attorneys monitor industry trends and developments in the law to effectively counsel our clients.

Individual and Group Disability Claims

We help professionals when they are at their most vulnerable.

Whether you have suffered a debilitating injury or developed a medical condition that prevents you from working, you should be able to count on your disability insurance carrier to provide the benefits for which you or your employer paid premiums. When your insurance company breaks its promise, time is often of the essence and the experience of your attorney matters.

CMM’s Jason S. Mazer has decades of experience helping professionals promptly obtain their disability insurance benefits. He routinely handles insurance coverage disputes involving individual disability insurance policies as well as group policies provided through an employer, whether governed by state law or ERISA (the Employee Retirement Income Security Act).

We understand the financial and emotional challenges associated with a career-ending disability and work with clients at all stages of the claims process to maximize the likelihood of prompt payment. If litigation is required, however, CMM is prepared to take the insurer to court for payment of full benefits, and to pursue bad faith actions where appropriate and available.

Insurance Agent and Broker Malpractice

CMM is here when you do not get the insurance coverage you requested.

In some cases, a denied insurance claim is the result of negligence on the part of the insurance agent or broker.  Insurance brokers are licensed professionals who have a duty to adequately perform their professional services on behalf of their policyholder clients.  When they fail to meet these obligations, the policyholder’s coverage may be denied when they need it most.

Businesses and individuals alike rely on the expertise of brokers to place appropriate coverage to protect against financial loss. CMM’s attorneys, formidable trial lawyers, have extensive experience representing clients in high-exposure litigation against insurance brokers and agents.  They stand ready to efficiently evaluate your situation and recommend the best strategy for resolution.

Marine Insurance

We help boat owners navigate perilous seas.

Marine insurance is designed to protect against the perils associated with owning, operating, and maintaining commercial and personal watercraft. These policies generally insure boat owners for first-party claims involving fortuitous property damage to their vessels and also protect against liability to third parties for bodily injury and property damage arising out of a boating accident. Put CMM’s considerable marine insurance experience to work for you.

Professional Errors and Omissions

We are attorneys for professionals.

A malpractice lawsuit can be stressful and financially ruinous. These lawsuits have the potential to destroy a professional’s reputation. Professional malpractice insurance, also known as E&O insurance, is designed to protect against alleged errors and omissions in the performance of an occupation. These insurance policies typically cover adverse judgments and settlements, and also pay for the costs of defending against the claim or suit.

CMM routinely handles disputes involving E&O policies for a broad range of professionals and their firms. Whether the issue involves timely notice of a claim, an insurer’s duty to defend, policy rescission, or the failure to settle a claim within policy limits, CMM is prepared to ensure that the insurance carrier fulfills its obligations.

Unfair Insurance Trade Practices

CMM knows how to remedy insurer bad faith.

When an insurance carrier wrongfully refuses to pay fair value, unreasonably delays payment, or unreasonably fails to settle a claim against its insured within the policy’s limit of liability, that carrier may have exposure to extra-contractual liability for acting in bad faith. Our team of professionals, led by Jason S. Mazer, has long helped individual and corporate policyholders resolve claims with insurance carriers by exposing unfair insurance claim practices.

Jason regularly educates other lawyers concerning insurer bad faith and has served as the Chair of the Bad Faith and Extracontractual Damages Committee for both the American Bar Association’s Insurance Coverage and Litigation Committee and the American College of Coverage Counsel. Jason has developed a national reputation for effective policyholder representation in large and complex insurance recovery matters. His understanding of unfair insurance practices and institutional bad faith have helped his clients to maximize recovery, often well-above policy limits, both at the negotiating table and in court.

Windstorm/Hurricane Insurance

CMM knows which way the wind blows.

From our offices in Miami, Florida, CMM’s lawyers know firsthand the physical and financial devastation caused by hurricanes and other major storms. CMM’s Jason S. Mazer has helped numerous homeowners, commercial property owners, and businesses of all types use their insurance policies to recover in the aftermath of a storm. Our team is recognized as a leader in insurance recovery.    When your insurance carrier denies, unreasonably delays, or underpays your valid claim, CMM can tell you what benefits are payable and, when necessary and appropriate, compel payment of contractual and extra-contractual damages in court.


To arrange a consultation to discuss your legal issue, please contact our firm email or call (305) 374-6480.  From our offices in Miami, CMM represents clients throughout Florida, across the nation, and around the world.